Hello, I’m Eugene

An Entrepreneur AND coach


I used to work for 2 European companies.  My 1st 4 years was with a German and subsequent 14 years was with a Swedish company.  At the peak of my career, I was the Area Sales Manager responsible for the Asia Pacific region.

My Struggle

Though it was a high paying job and I had the luxury of working from home,  I was travelling a lot and about 40-50% of my time at one point in time.  I had 2 young kids then and have totally missed out their growing phase, which I still regret till date.


In 2012, the company went through a restructuring and I was offered the ultimatum of accepting the restructuring or leave the company.  As the restructuring required me to expand to new markets and that would take up more travelling time, I decided to quit my job and ventured into entrepreneurship.

Without any experience, system or mastermind support as an entrepreneur, not only did I not make any money, I wiped out my entire savings and got into a 6 figure debts.


It was at this moment when I was browsing on social media and had an AHA moment on why I did not succeed.  I did not have a system and a mastermind group to bounce off ideas how to make the business successful and the moment I set up the system and created a mastermind group, I was able to expand my business to more than 33 countries around the world.

The Future

Now that I know what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur, I am taking on to coach individuals how they too can succeed in their entrepreneurship journey.

Are you looking to succeed in your entrepreneurship journey?
If you are, join us a for a Zoom to see if this is for you!


What will be shared


Reality of a Job

The reality of a job and why should you look at an online business

Key Components

What are the 5 key components of a passive income business model


Leverage On Partners

Who are the 4 key partners to empower you to be successful

Past Workshops And Trainings