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What Business Should I Start?

Recently I have been asked several times by enterprising entrepreneurs on what business should they be starting if they will to quit their full time job.

I would not suggest to quit your job now and explore into entrepreneurship as you will be very stressed between bringing home the bread and pursuing your passion.

If you do not have enough money to pay for your monthly commitments, you will be seen as desperate when you go and pitch your services or your products.

Always use the time you are still working and start to identify what is your passion that you can turned into a business idea.

In order to find out if it is a passion, answer this question:

“Would you continue doing what you are doing on this business even if you do not get paid for it? If the time for you comes to retire, would you still doing this?”

Once you have identified that is your passion, it will no longer be a chore or work even if you are not getting paid for it.

Nothing is more agonising than quitting your job and having to drag your feet and find it a chore to run your business!

Do you have an idea what business would you want to start?


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