Want To Start A Business But Don’t Know How?

Discover The 3 Factors To Starting And Succeeding In A Business!

3 Factors To Starting A Business



Identify a platform to start your business is crucial.  Always look for one that doesn’t need high capital and even if you fail, you will not go bankrupt.


Mindset is the most important factor in succeeding in a business.  Entrepreneurship is not a smooth sailing journey and a strong mindset will empower one to move forward.


Skill Set

Sales and Marketing skills are essential to build up both your social selling and social marketing skills to pitch to your clients as well as attracting them to you.  

Past Workshops And Trainings

What Do You Need To Do


Decide If It Is The Time

Make a decision if it is the time to start your business.


Send A Message

Send a message and ask for an introduction to the business

Watch A Preview Video

Watch a preview video to find out more about this business


Eugene Goh

Eugene Goh

Entrepreneur | Mentor | Social Media Sales and Marketing

Hi, my name is Eugene and I used to work as an Area Sales Manager for a Swedish company for 14 years.

Ever since quitting my job, I have ventured into entrepreneurship and has taken on coaching and training for my business partners.

Throughout my years of coaching and training, I have discovered that most people are fearful of starting a business because of the lack of experience and the worries about doing it all alone.

Many have benefitted from the simple 3 steps process I shared on starting a business and have gotten breakthrough results.

What I have may or may not be suitable for you as I am looking for individuals who are at the right time to do something in their life.

I am inviting you to connect with me and send me a message to see if this business is for you.

Talk to you soon.


I had Ummi Academy business set-up and need more help.

Eugene is a passionate speaker & leader.

His clear delivery and sharing of the topics helps to reinforce and will jump-start my business.

It spear headed my directions and goals in getting the right plugins necessary for my websites.

This incredible offer is worth every dollar spend as I got all the videos recordings plus bonuses.

Knowing how to get your own legitimate ebook in just 30 minutes.

Safe time and hassles by implementing his tips & strategies.

Husna Husain

Business Owner

Eugene’s coaching totally changed me.

On the first session itself I discovered my first breakthrough.

A fear so deep within me that has sabotaged my successes again and again for many years.

My second breakthrough came to me in the second session where I clearly saw and realized that I created pity stories around me blaming everyone but myself in many many situations and pushing a reset button wasn’t too difficult at all.

Once I did that and detached myself from all those naysayers, my life and financial future started to look brighter.

And things just became positively better for me ever since.


Healing Coach

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