Tonight is my last night for the year here in Yangon Myanmar. This year has been a long learning journey for me and I have had such a challenging year before.

Since December 2013 when I came to Myanmar, I was full of excitement imagining the possibilities of building the business here in Myanmar.

However, it has been really challenging going through lots of downs throughout this year. Nevertheless, I will not give up this learning journey here in Myanmar.

1. I am grateful to have been here this 1 year in Myanmar going through this learning journey that enable me to shorten my learning curve in the business.

2. I am grateful to be able to have wonderful and empowering conversations with my wife through Line.

3. I am grateful to have a loyal customer like Mr. Maung who is continuously buying products for his good health.

4. I am grateful to know of an affluent and yet so humble family like Ms. Khin.

5. I am grateful to know that I have the Achiever theme in me who is not only willing to work hard but also take all hardships to be able to achieve the success in life.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings. I am ready and willing to receive all of your blessings.