Eugene Goh

Mastering The Most Important Things In Life

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Eugene.

I used to work for 2 European companies for 18 years and in my last stint, I was an Area Sales Manager for a Swedish company for 14 years.

Though it was a high paying job, I was travelling 40-50% of my time and have missed out my kids growing up phase.

When the company went through a restructuring in 2012 and offered me to either accept the restructuring or leave the company, I decided to quit my job and ventured into entrepreneurship.

But I wiped out my entire savings and got into a 6 figure debts in my entrepreneurship journey.

During these 10 plus years being in entrepreneurship, I have realised for myself what are the most important things in life and want to take this opportunity to share with you.

Most Important Things In Life

Personal Development

Our career or business can only grow to the extent of how we have developed have ourselves

If you have not taken the time to enrich or develop yourself, your career or business will match your level.

Set aside time every day to read books or even attend entrepreneurship courses in Singapore to develop yourself.

Discover about personal development in my future posts.   

Career or Business

Our career or business is going to take up 1/3 of our lives. 

If you do not like or even hate the job or business that you are doing, consider that you will be suffering 1/3 if your life.

Take time to discover what is your passion in life.  What is that 1 thing that you don’t mind doing it for free.  Got to be honest with you, this is not easy.

Discover about career or business in my future posts.


Finance or money is an important area in our lives.

Take time to learn about managing your finances especially when it comes to investment.  Do not use the lazy way out of getting someone to manage your money.

Always remember that no one is more interested in your money than yourself.

Discover about personal development in my future posts.


We thrive in life because of the relationships we have.

When I quit my job, those people whom I thought were friends that I can count out turned out otherwise. I was only a friend to them as I had value as a colleague or partner.

We just need the ones who standby and encourage us when we are down.

Discover about relationships in my future posts. 

Physical Health

Take time to build up your physical health.  Learn about nutrition and what it can do for your body. 

Physical exercise of building up your muscles is extremely important as we need the muscles to support our body frame.

Likewise, take time to learn about how to reduce oxidant, inflammation and increase our stem cells for optimal health.

I have dedicated a separate website and share about nutrition that you can find it at

Mental Health

Many are suffering from mental health challenges silently.

Some men especially over the age of 40 starts to question their purpose in life and if they lost their jobs like I did, may be the ones who are suffering mentally.

Nutrition is extremely important to mental and having the willingness and vulnerability to talk about it is important too.

I have dedicated a separate website and share about nutrition that you can find it at

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Eugene has a business proposition that I can connect to as an alternative venture that comes with longevity in terms of a sound business proposition.

The ROI for the amount of time spent is reasonable and the simple factor of having a supportive community gave me the push I needed.

Thed Ong

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We have been exposed to many business platforms andwe found it inspiring to discover a business with a focus and conscious intention to help improve people’s lives.

Being a business couple, it made sense to help your customers and partners first, then see the money and business grow.

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