Build Your Network

I was supposed to have an appointment early this morning but the lady has mistaken it for coming Sunday instead.

While sitting at the apartment, I was thinking of what I can do and decided to message some of my friends in my previous employment.

It’s nice to know that there are friends whom I can contact who are in Shanghai, Malaysia and Indonesia and I start to realize how important it is to build our Rolodex or network of friends.

One of the guru says that how much we are worth depends on our network and that’s really true! So start building your network now.

Time to express my gratitude.

1. I am grateful to have built a circle of friends whom I can call upon whenever I am in that country or city. There are some jerks but it’s OK, there always will be and I just want to focus on the friends out there.

2. I am grateful to have accepted the invitation to go for the International Fashion Show and gotten to know some of the affluent people in the society.

3. I am grateful to have the knowledge of the Unicity products allowing me to share the knowledge with Amanda and her entire family.

4. I am grateful to be present to my context or motive with my conversation with my wife and choose to be authentic with her what was my motive or context of the earlier conversation.

5. I am grateful for my existing partners who were dormant and start to be active once again coming back to the Unicity business.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings. I am ready and willing all that I have to learn and continue to receive your blessings.