A Big Thanks To My Brother

Before ending the night, watched a video of Les Brown and as always, enjoy his delivery.

I always remember Les Brown saying:

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality!”

This was an interview done by Jerry Clark of Les Brown in the Standing on the Shoulders of Giant.

Now that I think back, had it not been my brother 12 years ago that introduced this business to me, I would have never gotten this far with my personal development.

1. I am very grateful to my brother who called me and introduce me to Unicity and because of that, I have been on a journey of self development for the past 12 years.

2. I am grateful to have the posture to stop presenting when I know that the message is not landing to the person.

3. I am grateful to have gotten the name card holder and able to scroll through the cards quickly to make the calls.

4. I am grateful to have made 5 appointments today for the next few days and arranging for lunch with the leaders this week.

5. I am grateful for the personal development I have now enabling me to coach my son through messages.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings. I am ready and open to receive all of your blessings.