Make A Difference In People’s Lives

Today I had lunch with my team of leaders and they surprised me with a gift and a birthday card.

In the birthday card, they say I am born again with a new chapter in my life and though it’s a very simple gift and birthday card, I was very moved by their gestures.

Throughout my 18 years of working life, I have never received card or gifts like this and just a 3 months working with these leaders and I am so appreciated by them.

Thank you so much for letting me make a difference in the lives of people whom I met and even those of whom I have yet met.

1. I am grateful to be a Network Marketing Professional partnering with Unicity building the Happy Life Project allowing me to make a difference in people’s lives.

2. I am grateful to have a team or proactive leaders who are out there in the field playing the game of life.

3. I am grateful to be on this Myanmar journey sharing the business with various groups of people whom I am able to meet people from all walks of life and had that possibility to connect one another in the business field.

4. I am grateful to have leaders who are willing to work together even when they don’t have any vested interest.

5. I am grateful to learn to not say No to money and continue to be a money magnet.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings and I am ready and willing to receive all of your blessings.