Focus On Building People

As I was having a quick lunch with Raven and his team, he asked that to be a Director needs about 10,000 OV or organization volume and it doesn’t seem easy.

I told him it entirely depends on how he looks at it because each time round in the Thailand half yearly convention, there are hundred or if not, thousands that will be recognized and celebrated on state as Directors.

I told him not to focus on the organization volume. Focus on the vitals signs on the number of people you have with you at the ticketed even. More importantly, focus on building your people and when you build your people, your people will build the volume.

1. I am grateful to be a Network Marketing Professional, a business that focuses on building leaders.

2. I am grateful to be getting the coaching from Khun Noi where I am able to put to use today on focusing on the vital signs.

3. I am grateful to be taking a stand and showing Tin the business where he sees a new possibility for himself and his friends.

4. I am grateful to be following the UniPower system that allows me to just plug in to the system and able to build the business wherever the system is present.

5. I am grateful to be getting the end of the year message from Stewart Hughes whose message is about self mastery and making 2015 the best year ever.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings. I am ready and willing to receive all of your blessings and guidance.