Doing Nothing and Is It OK?

Today has been a day of doing nothing again and I have that awful feeling that I want to beat myself up but I know it will not help.

Why do I say I want to do something but yet I don’t do it? By innate nature, is it true to say that men are generally lazy?

With the coaching that I have from my fellow participants at the Crack Your Strengths Quotient, we should take the opportunity to reward ourselves once in a while.

So instead of lazing around and not do anything, from now on, I will look for a day where I will reward myself for the Achiever and Activator theme for working hard.

Now, time to express my gratitude:

1. I am grateful to have Jon as my friend who stands by me regardless of whatever I am going through.

2. I am grateful to have an upline GC Ong who build this business with love and love us and our team like his own family.

3. I am grateful to have Eng Hai as a leader who is taking a stand for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and as a result, be one who I can emulate to similarly taking a stand not just for SMI but the entire world too.

4. I am grateful to have Happy Life Project as a source for people to look forward to living their dreams.

5. I am grateful for my Learner theme that empower me to look for all the things I could take on to learn for next year and making my 2015 the best year ever!

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings! It has bee a true blessing to be a Buddhist to be continuing to receive all of your blessings!