It’s Christmas Eve

Though I am not a Christian nor a Catholic, it’s nice to be in Singapore for the festive season, being home with the family.

During last year, I had spent my Christmas and New Year abroad wanting to make full use of my visa to Myanmar. Now, I would choose to be back home with the family and spend time with them.

This past year has been an interesting journey and I am grateful for this year of learning journey.

1. I am grateful to be back for Christmas with the family this year.

2. I am grateful to have a wonderful parents in law who are so willing to cook a simple meal for me.

3. I am grateful to arrive safe back home to Singapore from Yangon today.

4. I am grateful to be consciously aware and present of the things that I am doing and choose to be in control.

5. I am grateful to have a collection of books for me to choose in which areas of life that I want to develop in 2015.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings. I am grateful to be a Buddhist to be present to all your teachings and I am ready and willing to receive all of your blessings.