Be Grateful With What You Have

It was a day of errands today and there were things I need to get to prepare for my trip back to Myanmar.

Upon running the whole day of errands, I was so grateful to see how things work in Singapore.

A lot of times, we always complain things we don’t have and how things doesn’t work and ever since I change my perspective on looking at how things work, I appreciate a lot of things in my life now.

1. I am grateful to be a Singapore to see how things work like clockwork.

2. I am grateful to cultivate the habit of waking up early to do my dream exercise every morning.

3. I am grateful to have a brother who is willing to bring my daughter out for holidays with his family.

4. I am grateful to continue to learn to honor my word and have integrity in my life.

5. I am grateful to constantly develop the consciousness in whatever I do and being present to how I run my life.

Thank you Buddha for all your blessings. I am grateful to continue receiving all of your blessings.